Thursday, 3 October 2013

A little bit of tenderness

Many of us often feel part of a race. Do better, be more, work on your weaknesses. This striving for strength can leave us feeling empty and defeated because the process of change takes such a long time in human years. In nature, trees don't try to be more than a tree, jaguars are quite happy being jaguars and fish are content swimming along in the vast ocean. It is admirable to be driven and a desire to change is courageous, but at certain spots along the way it is key to stop and say "enough, time to just BE". Your homework today is to make a list of nice things you can do for yourself to reward your experience so far on this journey. Maybe you will buy a new bag for work, sign up for a community yoga class, or arrange a brunch with good friends. Let's celebrate our human need to feel love and rather than request love from the universe, let's give it to ourselves.


  1. i think i shall indulge on some homemade chili. i made it a few weeks ago and i always make some extra to freeze for nights when i don't feel like cooking :) i took it out this morning to defrost and i am looking forward to a big bowl when i get home (maybe a side of red wine?!) does that count?