Sunday, 6 October 2013


As young children we connect with superheroes who seem to have unlimited power and abilities to save the world from baddies. We want bedsheets with their images screened on, we wear Halloween costumes to embody their strength and we play with our toys, imagining a world where superheroes are reality and the planet will be saved. At what age do we walk away from these feelings and thoughts? At what point do we abandon our connection to the fierce, confident superhero of our childhood? I challenge you to spend some time with your imagination. Grab some markers and paper and begin to sketch out yourself as a superhero. What powers would you yield? Who or what would be your enemy that you strive to fight? Write down aspects of your powerful self or doodle a cool outfit and action pose that you fully intend to strike. Doing this activity with young children will further stretch the imagination. Play, dream, hope.

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  1. Oh I do spend a lot of time with my imagination I have yet to be able to sketch my super heroes but I do know they are there. B