Sunday, 15 December 2013

Be our chef

Food unites cultures and families and can be pivotal on a first date. But we can become careless with food if we are not aware of its impact on our spirit. Mostly, our meals can become an afterthought during our busy days. What shall I take out to thaw? Oh, maybe we could have pizza again? I think I will just eat some cereal for supper and call it a day. Stop. Breathe. Food connects to our soul in ways even science cannot explain. Make a plan to share a meal with someone tomorrow. Create a list and pick up the ingredients, be conscious that the items will mix together to create something delicious very soon. Buy a dessert while you are at it!! Choose a favourite tablecloth and use the fancy dinner set. Dress in a catching but comfortable outfit. Tomorrow you will celebrate life, friendship and Mother Nature's amazing gifts on your table. Give thanks, say a quick cheers and enjoy the feast-ivities!


  1. I try to cook rather than eat out but sometimes I am not successful in this endeavor :)