Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Space breeds expansion

Some of the most amazing miracles on this planet involve creation of space.  Breaking down our wastes into soil would not be possible without space between solid particles.  Waste, air and nutrients are free to move.  A mother's tummy grows to create space for her protected babe.  A robin singing her morning song somehow creates a far reaching song using her own tiny body.

We can create space in our lives in many ways.  Dedicate an hour a day to perform activities you desire.  Take a holiday, sing using your whole body, write out your thoughts, or connect with nature.  By doing these things you will confront the edge of your being and slowly expand the edges, breaking up what might be stuck and inviting in a little more light.

What ways do you attempt expansion?
How do you feel when you create this space?


  1. I always try to create space by making time to be amongst nature, if that makes sense. I like to go hiking in nature because it allows for introspection.

    1. I like it. Nature helps our insides expand to something greater than the case we tend to lock ourselves inside. I need to send more time in nature. Thanks.

  2. I can't believe it. I just wrote a post and Google chrome freaked out on me---saying that your page was unavailable, erasing what I wrote.

    Since then, it's twice refreshed your page, erasing what I'm writing.

    I'll try later. I have an appointment in a few minutes.

    I like your thoughts!

    1. That is upsetting! I love to hear your thoughts and google has sucked them away. I am glad you enjoyed the post :)