Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Let it flow

There is a fine layer on this planet where sky and earth meet.  We are part of that layer.  If you can find a tree to look at, observe how its branches reach into the air, groping to touch the suns rays.  Imagine the carbon dioxide being filtered through to become fresh oxygen for us to breathe.  Picture moisture from the air working its way through to the plant's roots where long extensions of nutrient collecting roots spread through the rough earth, creating space for millions of tiny bacteria.

Now observe your own body.  A direct connection between light and dark, future and past, space and life.  We bring in water, xygen and nutrients and our bodies filter our wastes for the planet to recycle.  Amazing.

There is is so much energy in this transition zone of sky and earth.  The best way to let energy flow is to ground your feet down into the ground, slightly tuck your tailbone, roll your shoulders down and back and lift your head as though a string is pulling it towards the sun.  Simple but true.  Just flow.


  1. Your posts have an uncanny way of making me feel incredibly relaxed and at ease. Do you practice Yoga?

  2. I would love to practice more yoga. My physical activities tend to send me into the realm of dance. What a great way to explore the spirit!