Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Discover your brain's potential

Our mind has evolved to be an extremely complex entity.  We can pass down information to future generations, we can learn languages from other cultures, we can plan for long-term future events and we can create processes and structures that help make our lives as comfortable as possible.

But how often do we utilize both our right hemisphere brain and our left hemisphere brain?  Some of us spend more time in one or the other, when sometimes a little exploration is in order.  The right brain is our creative side.  It's filled with energy and patterns and pictures.  It tells us we are whole and perfect as we are because we are connected to all energies on Earth.  The left brain helps us understand past event and predicts future possibilities.  It discovers all the details and facts about where we are in the moment - sights, smells, touch and sound.  The right brain is our language centre, it is where all our brain chatter occurs such as "Pick up the milk", "turn right here" and "the burner is hot".  The right brain can also separate us from our surroundings, causing us to think of ourselves as individuals, apart from the whole.

Spend some time today venturing into the side of the brain you rarely use.  If you are left brained, try some creative writing, read a fantasy novel, sing or meditate.  If you are right brained, attempt a crossword puzzle, write down some future plans for yourself, or discuss the implications of a past event with loved ones.

Enjoy the journey.

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  1. Reading this, I think I utilize both parts more at certain times. When I am in moments of introspection I'm definitely right-brained according to the definition in your blog post. Intersting.