Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Take a few moments to check in with yourself.  How are you feeling today?

Throughout the day, spend time searching for external symbols that match your mood.  If you are resilient, a willow bending in the wind may trigger you.  If you are overworked, an ant carrying a heavy load may speak to you.  A cloud shaped like in rabbit might connect with your feelings of possibility or energy.  What we feel inside creates an impact on the world around us.  Just the same, the world you find yourself in can alter how you feel inside.  For one moment, find the connection between inside and out.

I witnessed a Canadian military bus today.  It reminded me of how strong I can be, waiting for my love when he was overseas in a war zone.  It also reminded me of inspiration.  Those men and women getting ready to sacrifice all or part of their life to build toward more peaceful resolution, they are looking forward to their duties, as I look forward to my own.  I am hopeful that I am part of something positive and rewarding.  But the only way I can fight in the battle is if I am taking care of myself first - so many analogies in one image!!

I would love to hear your stories of connection....


  1. I've been riding my bike a lot. I wear layers of clothing. It's windy outside,when I ride.

    I find it similar to life. Circumstances may seem uncomfortable, who wants to be buffeted by the wind of difficulties? But, once I get into the tasks needing action, I warm up and get a burst of enthusiasm.

    Action often needs to precede my feelings and supersede my discomfort. When I act, I see results.

    "All the lovely thoughts in the world are outweighed by one simple action."

    1. I love that you are embracing movement in your body. Think how happy your circulatory system and muscles must feel - amazing. My movement is dance, I feel like I am truly expressing my inner being this way. I feel beautiful and free when I dance. But I do not dance in nature - maybe this is a next step!