Monday, 2 April 2012

Vocal nutrition for your thoughts

In order for our thoughts to grow into the best version of themselves, they need space and appreciation of their value.  Simply planting the seed in your mind is only the first step.  If the seed stays in inside, it may not have a chance to sprout.  Take your thought and share it with a friend, a willing stranger, a therapist or a family member.  You may be thinking of a change in career, a challenge in a relationship or an idea for a new project.  By giving voice to your thoughts you allow them space to grow deep roots and find an appropriate place to take hold.  Each time you repeat the thought, a new idea may emerge that could alter the path of your future.  By tilling the details through our cognitive brain you cultivate a new understanding and permamntly change the thought in your mind.

Happy thought gardening!

1 comment:

  1. Well I'll share a thought. I've been seriously contemplating relocation of late...for the past few months in fact. I haven't told many people about my yearning...perhaps I should?