Saturday, 7 April 2012

Love is in the air

The wind dances through the leaves
I stop to watch the tree tops sway

I am safe
I am accepted just as I am

A butterfly lands upon my foot
Unaware of the stored danger in my body

It is safe
I accept the butterfly just as it is

My hands reach down to touch the damp earth
So much life moving below me
Hidden, unseen

I picture the soil's dance and I can see it all
Accepting the Earth as she is

I walk over to a still lake
And see myself reflected in its shore

I am love
I accept myself just as I am


  1. Vanessa this was quite beatiful :) I hope you have a Happy Easter :)

    1. I wrote this while on the west coast. I felt so connected to life and to myself. Beautiful experiences give us beautiful things to say. I am so glad it was able to integrate into your being.

  2. One of my favorite things, when hiking, is to pause, and watch treetops swaying---dancing in the wind. I also like hearing brooks and streams sing.

    I'm convinced that one part of a spiritual awakening is becoming one with and delighting in nature. We appreciate little things more frequently. This is possible when we are freed from compulsions to control others or the bondage of fear. We become alive!

    That's one of the best things you can do---loving yourself. Thanks for sharing your poetic soul with us.

    1. One of my earliest memories of childhood is I would escape to the woods when I was feeling upset. I would match my breath to the swaying hush f the trees. I felt accepted and loved as I am. I felt part of something special.

      If everyone on this planet could be as awakened as you are Pablo, I think we'd be in a great place. People often place spirit, or nature, last on their to do list. But spirit should come first. Feed the spirit, feed the light.

      Thank you for sharing.