Sunday, 8 April 2012

Save yourself to save the world

We all have dreams we wish to accomplish.  Perhaps it is to be the best parent in the world, or to achieve success in our careers or even to save lives.  But we cannot reach these goals unless we take care of ourselves first.

 We need to nourish our bodies, raise our spirits and manage our stresses if we are to achieve success in our endeavours.  If you are working on a large goal such as finishing school or raising a child, remember every day to perform some act of kindness for yourself.  It may be to move your body in a fitness class or quiet your mind with meditation or to try a new healthy meal.  We cannot fuel our external fires if we leave our personal fires to burn out.

Treat yourself with gentleness.


  1. I definitely need to work on this...I literally never do anything for myself...I always kinda feel selfish for doing so even though I know I shouldn't

    1. It is hard to see the benefit of putting ourselves first…until we crash. I crashed and I will never live my life the same again. The world needs you - as you are. You are the only YOU we have. Please take care of yourself, for us.

  2. Thanks for this post. I write about this theme a lot, over at my place. One in particular is the following link:

    You might want to check it out. We are the only ones in the world who can make our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual welfare our number one priority.

    I'm impressed with you as I'm discovering who you are through your writings. Thank you for sharing your musings. I so value moments that cause me to stop from the demands of every day living. I like considering possibilities I would otherwise not see, because of the busyness of my life. Your posts create occasions like that for me.

    Thank you for being you. May you have a terrific week!

    1. I love this! My wish for my writings is that I can help readers connect to a better life, a better relationship with themselves and a stronger connection to the interconnectedness of life on this breathtaking planet. I will check out your site for sure. I truly love your reflective thoughts and I look forward to reading more about you.

      "Thank you for being you" - Amazing. THANKS!

  3. Hi Vanessa,

    I was delightfully surprised to see you over at the inn. Your kind words at that place made me blush----sort of hard for me to do, considering my olive complexion. :)

    I resonate with your writings because I think we are both right hemispheric in our thinking. I do. (Only 12% of the world operates this way.)

    As a youth, this way of thinking was made fun of by my friends. They didn't understand me. When I learned Myers-Briggs, I discovered my place in the world. And wept. I realized I was okay.

    Reading your words are a relief. They put a big smile on my face. It's fantastic hearing you say out loud, thoughts I've been thinking. I appreciate your literary boldness.

    My need to understand and be understood, celebration of life and increased serenity are met when I drop by your abode here in cyberspace.

    Keep up the excellent work. You have a gift. You express yourself well. You inspire and you help me and others to see in new ways.

    I hope to see you again at the inn.