Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Here's a tough challenge for today....

No matter how happy we may feel or how bright our day, one person with a negative outlook can spiral us into darkness with them.  Opposing views, beliefs and values can create an uneasy feeling of conflict.  But we can choose to look at these awkward connections with gratitude.  It's true.  Picture a negative person in your mind.  It could be an angry person on the bus, a friend or spouse in a bad space, a co-worker who enjoys rocking your boat.  Imagine that person behind your closed eyes, smile and send them messages of loving-kindness.  Choose four messages of peace, health, freedom and happiness.  Say their name out loud or in your head if you know it.  Continue repeating the phrases until your mind relaxes.  Next time you see this person, you will feel more calm, positive and in control.


  1. I will definitely try this, as I have a coworker who could use some positive wavelengths to come their way :-)

    1. Do it!! Let me know if anything changes. You are such a great student :)

  2. I find that it helps to be kind, even towards those that create grief for me, a subject I know all too well. Praying for my enemies is counter to my feelings---but I know it frees me from the toxicity of bitterness.

    I've found, that for me to have serenity, my circumstances may not change, but I change----my response to my circumstances or people. Instead of fighting and locking horns with others, I bless them and let go of whatever tension I feel within me.