Friday, 6 April 2012

Choose your words

Several studies were done on frozen water crystals that had been subjected to certain words, music and even photographs when in their liquid form.  Water exposed to the word "beautiful" looked like an intricate image from a kaleidoscope while water exposed to the word "demon" portrayed the image of a dark, ghoulish face.  The word "power" displayed a crystal with thousands of different patterns, a showcase of the potential this word can wield.  When water heard the words "bad luck" a weak crystal was formed, lacking any real structure, however, the word "lucky" created crystals with fine tips and shard edges like a raw diamond.  The photo of the crystal above was placed upon a photograph of dolphins.

Our bodies are mostly water.  If this magical fluid can respond so easily to sounds and images, imagine what happens in our body when we say "stupid" or "useless" or "ugly".  Do the water molecules inside our cells react?  Maybe.  So why not focus on "love", "perfect" and "acceptance"?  They may alter your being with very little effort.


  1. The words we use have power in themselves, I agree. I find positivity in thought and speech brings a power that goes beyond our wildest dreams.

    For example, my primal self is resistant to change. But when I look at them as "improvements," my mind is willing to consider doing things differently.

    I believe everything rises and falls with our attitude.

    Thanks for this blog. I enjoy your perspective. It complements my desire to celebrate life.

    I read your answer to a question I posted. Thanks for your reply.

    Please feel free to drop by my inn. I know my blog would benefit from your comments. My perspective is limited. I like the spirit I feel behind your words and know my guests would enjoy getting acquainted with you.

    1. Your comments inspire my spirit to flow through written word. I also know what it feels like to be resistant to change. It is hard when we cannot see the proof or the light beyond where we are. But sometimes we take that leap and are glad for the change.

  2. I agree with Pablo, thw words we use certainly do have power, as your examples of water show. This is quite fascinating - these studies with the water crystals. It makes me think that the universe is so much more omplex than we realize.

  3. The more I learn about science, the more I realize that we are part of something so much larger than ourselves. It is really humbling. And exciting!!