Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Get dirty

Place your hands upon the Earth and experience the potential for life that lives within each molecule of the soil. Plant a seed and imagine the buds emerging from the ground fed by water and sunlight and the many nutrients abundant in the soil's rich texture. You are creating life you are giving back to the Earth knowing all the amazing things the planet provides for us every day. If a plant is already growing but in a place you don't want it to flourish then give it a quick pull. Look at its roots at how hardy and defiant it was in our garden. Smell the Earth; appreciate the growth, the recycling of life, the complexity of one small yard or flower pot. Life exists all around us but digging in the dirt can somehow bring us closer to home.


  1. I like that this post is a little longer and that you're definitely more into it. Thanks for sharing. Also, haven't heard from you in awhile and glad you're back!

  2. Vanessa,

    Enjoying the richness that life offers is about being centered, staying in the here and now, not letting the white noise of busyness or anxiety to get in the way. And being grounded, literally---as you mention---and figuratively, is a terrific way of getting the balance and perspective needed for sanity and serenity, as well as emotional ease and equanimity.

    I appreciate your wonder for life and the friendship we've developed through blogging. Thank you for dropping by my place today.

    Wishing you a special time with your family and dear ones. One of your Balcony People,


  3. I like this - learning to appreciate and love Mother Earth is something that I wish every human being on the planet would learn to do. That way we can save her.

  4. So true!

    Nothing beats getting your hands in the dirt, the smell of fresh air, the feeling of cool summer breezes on the skin, the sun smiling down filling our bodies with happy vitamin D, or rain washing away all of our worries!

    The natural world is a beautiful thing! We are such lucky creatures to have such an amazing environment to live in!