Friday, 28 June 2013

Draw yourself in

You may have to take a trip to an art supply store for this inspiration. Drawing and painting allow us to let our emotions and our mind to connect with an outlet that once in a while can actually reflect back a healing presence. Draw like a five year old, scribble any idea that comes to your mind then analyze it's story later. Draw an image for a friend.  Use their big heart as an inspiration and watch the brush weave its way across the page. Use colours, use textures, finger paint if you like.  Invite a friend over for a bit of tandem drawing fun. I tried this out at the breakfast table and although I was of course critical of my work, I could see a message speaking to me through the lines. Get artsy!


  1. I do this with my neice and nephew when I visit. They both love art and I love to partake :-)

  2. I do that too! We are so alike!!

  3. You know that I love this post! Let our inner 5 year old spirits shine through :)