Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A wee celtic cuddle

Andy Donnelly, a radio host on the amazingly independent radio station CKUA, always invites his listeners to connect with someone close by and give them a wee celtic cuddle. Choose one person to give a big hug to.  Make it count.  Hold on for a little extra squeeze just to get all the yummy endorphins out.  When was the last time you had a really good hug?


  1. One problem for me, is that people feel awkward with hugs. It's often sexualized in their minds, and that's sad. It's interesting seeing people's response to them, because I'm a hugger by nature, I'm Latin, after all.

    The best ones of course are with long-term friends. I encounter stiffness with most people. Many are not comfortable with----or in love with----themselves, and have difficulty receiving them. I go easy with them. Shaking hands, however, isn't the same.

    I find hugging is a plant of slow growth that must endure several seasons of relating with the other person before it blooms into the wonderful gift it is.

    You didn't explain what a wee Celtic hug is. Is that phrase using irony/humor? That's my guess.

    1. Andy Donnelly is Scottish, so he calls it a wee celtic cuddle. I like it.

  2. A good hug goes a long way!

    My absolute favourite is when I come home and my two puppies come and attack me with love and I get to hug them and then my boyfriend comes to the door to give me a giant hug too. It's like a triple threat hug! :)