Wednesday, 19 June 2013

It's a celebration

Whew! We made it. It is a success and it is time to celebrate. Did you cook a nice meal, complete a big assignment or teach your child to tie their shoes? Stand proud and exclaim "I did it!" Tell your friends and allow the word "congratulations" to simmer on your mind. You deserve this honour. You are truly one of a kind and the world is lucky to have you.


  1. All things big and small deserve some kudos!!!!

  2. Well I did make a mean cup of coffee today :)

  3. Well my friends....I did it and I want to brag a little about it if I can.....I graduated from my masters of science program out on the beautiful west coast. I have never felt more proud!!

  4. Kudos to you, Vanessa! Hurray! Wow! Gosh! Golly, even.


    I'm glad you're enjoying the Left Coast. I've live within a mile or two of it, all my life, now living on an island.

    I helped four people struggling with depression yesterday. It's satisfying, seeing them light up, as they discover ways of overcoming this disease and learning how to create their own supportive network.