Sunday, 23 June 2013

Give a little

Giving back doesn't have to mean travelling to a foreign land to build schoolhouses. Although, that is an honourable notion. You can create worldwide change just by doing a tiny bit of good for someone else. Let the person with three grocery items go ahead of you in line, say "hello" to people passing you on the sidewalk, or pay the coffee for the person behind you at the cafe. What if this small act kept being paid forward? How far mind this kindness reach? On a personal note, I had a police officer help me. He was from Uganda. After he went out of his way to make my life better I. Decided to thank him by sponsoring a little girl from his home country. His selfless act reached across the world and he didn't even know it.


  1. Everything is inter-woven. A random act of kindness can spread like wildfire...

    1. It sure can my friend, like your daily inspirations, I printed one out and shared it with a friend today.

  2. When we are gracious towards others, which is one thing you share here, we are conduits of God's love for mankind. I find this easier to do when operating from my fullness, out of my excitement for life, not my neediness.

    Connection with God, relating with people who love me unconditionally and my developing into the person I want to be is the impetus for joy and love that flows from me, whenever that happens.