Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Find your flare

Cultures around the world have their own unique way of decorating the human body. It may be a dozen gold necklaces to accentuate the neck, a head dress of flowers and feathers, or tattoos on the face. Each detail brings a sense of community as well as a sense of self. The details we add to our body send a message to others we come in contact with. Why not add some flare to your outfit? Perhaps a scarf, a ring, or a hat.  Find an item that makes you smile and show it off for all the world to see. Your item of flare may even strike up a conversation with a stranger, what a blessing! Decorate and celebrate.


  1. i've come to realize my dragonfly necklace is a conversation starter!

  2. I need to do this. I usually dress pretty vanilla :)

    1. It is much harder for males to add flare. How about a pin on your work bag?