Thursday, 15 August 2013

Deep divulging

Inside our backs when we get a knot, there is this rough little patch that is consumed with stress and toxins just begging to be let free. With some deep tissue massaging we can work that knot over and over until it softens and releases. We then use water to flush the loose toxins out. Talk therapy is much like this. We have a deep thought in our subconscious that we keep buried.  When we are asked how we are doing, we push that stressor down and say "I am fine thanks", building another hardened layer over top of the pain. Our minds need massages to work out the kinks hidden in our brain. So how do you do this?  Divulge.  Open.  Honest.  Raw.  Ask a good friend to have a candid conversation with you, record your inner thoughts in a journal, or go to a group therapy session if one is available in your community. When was the last time you rally opened up?  I went to the beach with a fellow blogger and we just poured out our hearts into the sand, it was a beautiful freedom.


  1. The only time I ever really open is up is through my blogging. I rarely ever open up verbally.

    1. Blogging is super healthy. It is a safe outlet to let the emotions flow and you create a sense of community. I love your blog!

  2. I do open up verbally. Not to many people though. There are a lot of hoops to jump through before that happens usually. Bloggers though, seem to have an innate ability to understand. To understand faults, concerns, worries and all the other shit life throws at you. And that understanding makes it all better.