Saturday, 3 August 2013

Peaceful purging

We hang onto things for a number of reasons.  "I might find a use for this one day", "this item reminds me of my good friend", "If I had some spare time I could do something with this". The objects add up and threaten to add stress to our life and repel calmness from our sacred space. We might have a box of old letters from high school that were passed in the hallway between souls of twisted teenage angst. Do you really require a paper trail of those memories or could you narrow down your pile to a single letter or two? You may have office folders of a project completed five years ago.  Are there still learnings to be had from this material or could it reside in the recycle box? All those stuffies. All those stuffed animals smiling and taking up precious space. Could they be donated to an animal shelter as puppy toys or does their presence truly lift you up every day?  Sometimes, it can be cathartic to just let go.

What is the last place your purged? How did it feel?


  1. Funny to read this today, i just purged our closet. Two trashbags to goodwill later and i feel simply blissful :)

    1. You can also host a clothing swap with friends. It is so much fun and everyone walks away with new clothes!

  2. I purged my computer. I write a lot and do research. For the browser I use, there are tabs for areas I visit. I spent time simplifying, weeding out and arranging the cyber info on my laptop. As a result, I have more peace of mind.