Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Be the change

People are always watching even when we don't think they are. Our actions speak volumes. What if we pick up some litter in a park? What if we walk a senior across the street? What if we bring a refillable water bottle to the gym? They are watching and they are noticing that we are regular people doing amazing things. They may be inspired to follow our lead and in doing so, they inspire countless others. Live as though the world was a peaceful place and everyone cared for the Earth and looked out for each other. Live as though we are are blessed. Others will connect with this positive energy we are sending out and perhaps adopt the same behaviours.  Change starts with you. What do you do to inspire change?


  1. Very good reminder. I just try to be upbeat, funny, and greet people with a smile. So many folks are always grumpy and complaining but it actually takes more energy to do that.

    1. Yes! Save your energy and portray positive emotions out to the world. It brings back great energy!