Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Be here. Now.

Life has its wild twists and turns, but when you look at this maze from far above, it's a beautiful, intricate design. Sometimes we may feel lost along the way, unsure of where our next move should be and then we see a sign that says we are exactly where we need to be. We could be experiencing the bliss of our wedding day or struggling with an ill family member, but then these symbols appear to say "stay the course". If you experience deja vu, this could be a signal that you've reached a post marker on your path. If you see a gift from mother nature like a feather or beautiful flower this might also provide a symbol of arrival. Keep your eye open and your mind hopeful. This is your purpose, this is the lesson you you meant to learn, this is perfect. Right now.


  1. Love this Vanessa. Staying the course is sometimes hard but it pays off :)

    1. I use this all the time, it's a refreshing feeling.