Sunday, 15 September 2013

Gold star for you

When was the last time you created a reward system for yourself? Perhaps when you were a young child? Well, this process works just as well no matter what age you are. First, get a goal in mind. Are you working to finish a degree in school, are you attempting to lose ten pounds, would your life be better if you could just get out of bed on time? After choosing your goal, making sure it is specific and achievable within six months to a year or so, create a reward system. Maybe it is a spreadsheet with gold star stickers, maybe it is a jar with tokens, or you might use a calendar to keep track of your reward milestones. Now is the fun part, contemplate a reward for yourself. Perhaps it is money for a holiday, a new pair of shoes to replace your torn ones, or a meal out at your favourite restaurant with a group of friends. The sky is the limit! We rarely take the time to acknowledge the blood, sweat and tears we pour into this life. We are hard workers even though we feel that we aren't getting anywhere. We just haven't been in an observation role, checking off accomplishments as we go. You will feel stronger, more free. What is your goal?

1 comment:

  1. My goal is developing my business and keeping better track of my finances, my numbers. I have so many receipts!

    I agree with you: it's important to plan and reward ourselves for the incremental progress we witness in our lives.

    Thanks for this post!