Friday, 13 September 2013

Play time

I bring up the subject of play often but it just cannot be stressed enough. When we play we transform into a place of innocence, wonder and freedom. Our days are typically filled with responsibility, worry, errands and tasks. Book some play time at least once a week directly into your calendar. Maybe you will play dolls with your niece and nephew, perhaps you will strike up a dance party in the office or head to the mall and try on all new clothes without planning to buy any. Creative play can also be fun. Take a pottery class, try dance lessons, or pick up a guitar. The possibilities are endless and the healing they will bring to your soul is priceless. What's your play away from the everyday?


  1. I play every single day! In the woods! I like to let my inner-child come out :)

    1. Oh, I used to love exploring the forests. There is so much wonder hiding among the trees!