Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Life is a dance

We often think life has to travel forward in one direction of we ever to reach our goals, but as we know, life does not work in this way. We step to the side, do a turn, step back and then proceed forward once again. All of our footwork is contained on the dance floor we just use the space in different ways. It may seem like we aren't getting anywhere but if you look back and follow your tracks, you have created an intricate design of beauty and grace. In your journal tonight write out a few steps forward you have taken today and a few steps back that you can learn and grow from. This activity will sum up the successes of your day and give you some ideas to work on in the future. When you take time to look back on these dance steps you will be amazed at your beauty and your strength in those moments.


  1. i've been missing your daily inspirations :) life is a dance- what a beautiful way of looking at it.

    1. Your message stuck with me. I am honoured to know you consider me an important part of your day. Wow!