Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wedded bliss

What is it about wedding that can strike the heart with so much emotion? Hope, happiness, everlasting love and optimistic dreams are thick in the air touching each soul who bears witness to the union of two hearts connecting as one. I often wish I could be the one to marry a couple and say the words that will forever flow through their hearts and minds. What a powerful role! Take some time today to get in the wedding spirit. If you are celebrating many happy years of union go into your guest book and read the hopeful quotes from loved ones who support your love. If you are best friends with your lover, why not spend time daydreaming of your special day with the person you want to endure life's struggles and sweetness with. If you are single ask a married couple for coffee and listen to stories of their day and imagine that such a love is possible for you one day when life decides to reveal your life partner to you. What do you love most about weddings?


  1. I love the hope of everlasting love that is in the air at weddings. I can't wait to get marries again someday LOL

    1. Oh my wedding day was by far the very best day of my life! All that love and support in one place. I felt so very blessed. Plus, I love event planning!