Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Just a nibble

Large tasks and goals often seem very overwhelming and can bring with it anxieties that sometimes cause us to back out and turn the other way. It is like sitting down at a restaurant and the waitress insisting that you eat your steak in one mouthful."What?! That's not going to happen!" But if you take the steak with your fork and knife and slice off small chunks, in no time that whole meal is settled securely in your tummy. Choose a goal that you have been thinking of. Maybe you want to run a half marathon, perhaps your heart desires to open a bakery, or you dream of going back to school. Write down the goal as specifically as you can then attach a date to it. Write down six to ten mini goals that you will need to reach along the way. Grab a calendar and decide when those goals could be accomplished. Maybe break those mini tasks into smaller, weekly chunks. One hour, two hours of focus may be all you need. What goal are you trying to reach?


  1. The main goal I am trying to reach right now is to lost 10 pounds. But I like sweets too much :)

    1. Could you maybe increase your workouts more and not focus so much on diet?