Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cat stretch

We can learn a lot from our feline friends. All cats past the stage of kitten have this miraculous sense of relaxation. They perform a simple stretch then curl into a ball and choose to nap. Spend some quiet time with yourself today and either watch a cat in action or imagine a big fluffy one sitting close to you. Watch how they gently close their eyes, see how their chin slightly sinks into their soft fur, observe the way they wiggle their foot into just the right position for perfect calmness. We may even drift off into a light slumber as we monitor their actions, our lungs filling and emptying just as the cat does. Don't feel guilt for taking this time to rest. Know that cats never feel guilt no matter how many naps they take, so why should you?


  1. My cat Ruby is the queen of naps. I think she sleeps 20 hours a day. I envy her :)

  2. But we love when you are awake because then you can shine your light with all those around you.