Monday, 16 September 2013

Hello neighbour

There is a gift hiding close to your home that you may sometimes notice but rarely use. Our neighbours are gifts sent us, a community, a connection to the home. Take time this week to connect with those who live near you. Cut some flowers from your garden and bring them over, offer to mow their lawn or bake some muffins to share. If there are children living next door, make an effort to get to know them better. What is their favourite subject in school? Who is their best friend? Connecting to their innocence can remind you of yourself at their age. When new neighbours arrive, let then see your genuine smile and they can know they have arrived in a safe place. Maybe these neighbours are new to your country,or walk with a limp, perhaps ask them their story if they feel willing to share. Understanding, empathy and acceptance can unite us all and fill our lives with a glowing light. I would love to hear how you connect with neighbours.


  1. I have neighbors in my duplex but they rarely ever want to make conversation. The neighbors are the other side are super friendly though :)

  2. We have the best neighbors and have redneck parties in our driveway. Everybody brings a chair, their favorite beverage and we grill out. It's a great time. Plus we tick off the old curmudgeon in the neighborhood who is mean to all of the kids and pets. It's a win/win!!

  3. We gather at a carriage house that's been converted into a lovely meeting place. We play cards and have fun, with plenty of laughter. Some of us cycle. Where I live is beautiful---on an island. The vistas are fabulous. Cycling for an hour, traveling 14 miles is great, especially with others.