Thursday, 12 September 2013

Listen to your heart

Our mind likes to tell us all sorts of tales. It asks for an extra scoop of ice cream, it wants to sleep in on a work day, it says we deserve bad treatment from others when that is of course not true. Our brains can do so many amazing things like writing poetry, remembering people's names, and doing math….ugh. But the wires have a way of becoming crossed and we need to look to another organ to tell us the real story. The heart is a place of infinite love, compassion and acceptance. The heart wants us to be peaceful and happy and satisfied. The mind could care less, it is merely a jumble of neurons passing signals back and forth. In a meditative or calm state of breathing and relaxation we can best communicate with the heart. We can understand its true desires and hopes for our future. If you practice prayer this can also be a pathway to the heart as you share your compassion for yourself and others. Take some time today to sit quietly, perhaps journal if you can and focus your energy into your heart centre and let it radiate there and light up your chest, allowing the heart's words to connect more closely to you. How do you listen to your heart?


  1. i've been meditating recently. its new for me and i have been finding it incredibly peaceful and restoring. just taking 10 minutes a day to focus on my breathing and allowing my mind to roam... although i have noticed i've been more tired than normal, i think it has to do with all the thoughts i am now attempting to control, and the ones i am allowing to flow. i know over time and with more practice the more natural this will all become.

    1. So young and yet so wise. Keep it up girly!!

  2. I think that you're right in saying that the mind and heart often are at odds...wanting two different things and viewing the world completely differently. I think that listening to your heart is the may guide you wrong on occasion but it will also guide you right :)