Friday, 29 March 2013

Climb aboard the reading rainbow

Create a plan to visit your nearest library.  You can search for titles online or you can take bit more time and wade into the fiction section with a plan to read the backs of as many books as you can. When you find a good choice you make a commitment to invite that book into your life for a short period.  It may change how you think or how you see the world.  After translating words to thoughts your imagination will alter cells in your brain and you may never be the same person again.  If you are part way into the book and it is not working for you, put it down. There's no shame in grabbing what you can from a book and moving on to another story.


  1. Books! I'd die without them. They are my blankie. I believe they are the best deal around. In a matter of a few hours we can distill what took another a lifetime to write.

    I love your perspective, thanks for your posts!

  2. Great idea wise Vanessa! I am going to make it a goal to read for one hour every night this week :)