Saturday, 9 March 2013

Try it on

We of course love to do things we enjoy, but what about trying on someone else's most loved activity? Maybe your relative likes to paint, grab an easel and allow your hand to flow in sync with theirs. Maybe a friend likes to walk but travels at a slow pace, try matching their footsteps and letting them know they are moving fast enough.  Perhaps your partner enjoys silly reality shows, could you possibly give up an hour of your day to make comments that bounce back and forth with your lover?


  1. This is so important - we get so caught up in ourselves that we lose sight of the interests of others sometimes.

    1. I helped my aunt go for a walk. It was really hard for her but I stayed at her pace and made her feel really special. It made my day! She called me an angel.

  2. Great idea! Not only does it broaden your horizons, but introduces you to new things and furthers relationships.