Friday, 15 March 2013

We are the lucky ones

"Why can't we see the sweet things until they're all gone?" Singer songwriter Danny Michel wrote these profound words. There are times in our lives when all the world seems to be going right and we take for granted that we happen to be really lucky in that moment. Until it's gone and then we miss the past. This can apply to your body - love it now because it may change in the future and you'll look back on this time and say "wow". It could be family, you may have started a relationship again with a sibling.  Be grateful for this. Celebrate it.  You never know when your luck might run out. Don't be scared for the future, but celebrate the good that's happening now.


  1. You are so right!!! Celebrate the here and now. I've learned to appreciate that the older I get.

  2. Yes you are right indeed...we spend so much time looking forward or looking backward that we neglect the "here and now".

  3. Thank you for this post! Again, so much wisdom behind your words. I am going to try and make a list of things that I am lucky for today. :)

    1. I write daily in a gratitude journal, or I try to write daily in my gratitude journal. I list five things I am grateful for. It's a good practice because during the day I watch out for gratitude and it helps my mind to stay in a place of thanks.

  4. Amen. Makes a huge difference just appreciating the here and now!