Sunday, 10 March 2013

It's ok to fake it

We don't always feel in the mood to sport a giant smile for all the world to see.  But just as we try to eat better and become more active, we can also increase our smile time.  Smiling, even if it's fake can allow positive messages to be sent to our brain creating a chain reaction that sometimes can even lead us to smile genuinely.  Practice your smile while driving, in a fitness class or watching a concert.  Smile at the grocery store cashier, smile at your co-worker, smile at your cat.  The more we practice this instant mood lifting technique, the better we just might feel.


  1. AMEN. It's a lot easier sometimes to just deal with things yourself. Being an introvert, I do this a lot. Specifically with cashiers, I think if they asked you how you were and you were upset and really told them how you felt, I don't think they were really looking for that kind of honest answer anyways -- asking how you're doing is simply a formality and something courteous.

  2. You bet! This is great, Vanessa. Like everything in life that's good for us, we have to practice. I'm smiling right now. Cheers...