Saturday, 2 March 2013

Get low

Rushing, rushing, rushing.  It can make us tired, wear us out. Spend some time in your day unwinding. Grab a book, take a nap, lay low away from the chaos of a frantic pace.  This is not laziness, it's self care and it's finding balance.  Watch some of your most successful friends.  What do they do to find the quiet once again in their lives?  Maybe they bake, or skype with friends, or meditate.  Find out what works for you and begin the relaxation phase.


  1. I have tried to become much better about "not rushing" during the past year or so but I sometimes still find myself doing it :)

  2. So true. I love to bake (my husband says it makes him smile because I sing when I am cooking) and read.

    1. Singing while cooking, I love it. What sort of tunes do you sing?