Saturday, 23 March 2013

Get thrifty

It's time for a fun activity. You deserve it.  Take $20 and head to your nearest thrift shop.  Give yourself a good hour or two to really sift through all the treasures.  Reusing items is a fantastic way to respect the planet and you're supporting organizations that may do some charity work.  It's a win win for everyone involved. To make it even more delightful, bring a friend.  You can examine each others findings and do a bonus high five.

I found a stuffed frog and fish for an educational art display I have for work.  And all under $10!


  1. Funny you say $20. Ever heard the thrift shop song by Macklemore? It talks about that exact scenario. Macklemore is one of my favorite hip hop artists.

    1. I wear your grandads clothes, I look incredible. Haha Yeah, $20 just came into my head, maybe that's why.