Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The afterlife

Souls dance through planet Earth, connecting, changing, growing.
Where does all that energy go when our light is turned out?
Many different religions believe in alternative paths that we take in the afterlife.
Sleeping beauty that will awake when the resurrection comes.
Heavenly gates that reunite loved ones.
A new life as a tree or whale or new baby awaits depending on how we lived our life.
So many stories, so little proof.
What are we supposed to believe?  You can believe in any afterlife you create in your mind.
The power of thought is a miraculous fuel. It can transport us somewhere else in an instant.
Let us take the time to speak with others of their beliefs and see if we can find an idea that fits our unique view of what happens when we pass on.
Recycled into the Earth.
Our body feeding the lives of plants and nurturing the lives of animals.
But the soul floats on.  To where?  How?  Or does it? Let's discuss….


  1. Fascinating subject. Of which I've spoken on---publicly--- for many years, decades.

    Let's connect this week, via Skype. We can talk about this subject, if interested.

    Good having you back!

    1. Glad to be back. I wrote little blog instalments on my phone every day but I have yet to post them.

      We can talk of course. This week is a bit full on but perhaps the next. Enjoy the week.

  2. So fascniating and something that will be debated until the end of time. I won't pretend to have any answers of course, but it's still fun to discuss. I would like to think that we do go "somewhere"..I want to believe that. However I go back and forth a lot.