Friday, 19 July 2013

The story of ink

Tattoos tell a personal story about a unique soul sharing the planet with us. A statement of "never again" might cover up razor blade cuts from a tough depression, an ampersand might symbol a partnership between two lovers, and a tree might symbolize a daughter with the lovely name of Aspen. Each story is a personal tale of struggle, achievement and hope.  Take some time today to pull together all your courage and ask someone, maybe a stranger, about their body art. I have done this on many occasions and I always enjoyed the intimate outcome from the encounter. Do you have a tattoo?  I have a sea turtle (the Earth was created on the turtle's back) being propelled through water, the elixir of life, and the water drifts into music.  Live in harmony with nature and she will bless you with a sense of peace and wonder.


  1. I have had four done, and plan to get about 10 more. The money just needs to come first... Having a tattoo creates a new community. You notice other people with theirs more often, and share stories. I've had many strangers ask me about mine. It's pretty cool. I'll never understand what the deal is with society's general distaste of ink.

  2. I would love to hear about your body art some time…maybe over snail mail!!

  3. I can't help but think that tattoos are also calling out for attention and a need to express oneself. I definitely try affirming others, being attentive their needs, providing a supportive ear and a warm smile---being a ready audience, if I have the time and we enjoy reciprocity.

    Unconditional acceptance and love is rare; I offer it whenever I can. Perhaps the tattooed image I leave with others is the one imprinted upon their hearts and minds, after spending time together, that we all can fit together when we move beyond criticism, blame, shame and judgment.

  4. I have three tattoos. Two are family-related and one is the mark of friendship as well as a personal reminder to myself to keep breathing.

    I am dreaming up the design for my next one. I want it to be something very personal, representing struggle and healing... we will see... one day the design will come to me and when it does, I know that it will be meant to be :)