Monday, 1 July 2013

From the heart

Choose a task today that would see you giving back to the community.  It can be as big as signing up to work at the animal shelter or it can be as simple as pulling out clothes to give to charity. Have you ever mowed a neighbour's lawn for them?  Can you imagine what that gesture would mean? When we give we step beyond the ego and enter a realm of love.  Kindness. Heart.  If you connect with balancing chakras then make sure you breath into your heart and exhale "Ahhhh" and visualize this giving that you are about to do.  Let it fill your soul.


  1. I do have a ton of clothes at home that I was planning on putitng in a yard sale. I think now I shall take them to the local Goodwill store instead :-)

    1. Many of the Goodwill clothes go to Africa. There could be a little boy in Sierra Leone wearing that race shirt you will never wear again.