Monday, 8 July 2013

The others

We often feel a slight repel when faced with people very different from us.  We retract our smile and keep our hands at our sides because the being in front of us showcases alternative qualities to what we generally deem as comfortable or acceptable. Step out of your comfort zone this week by offering a smile to bikers, foreign visitors and homeless humans.  A good place to go is the local pool.  There is an eclectic mix of people here.  Young and old, foreign and non-english speaking souls. Each time you connect with these people, remember that we are all made from the same general genome sequence and we are here sharing the resources of the planet as one.  One love.


  1. Very good example of acceptance. I like to do the same at amusement parks.

  2. If we all concentrated on our similarities rather than our differences, the world would be an amazing place wouldn't it...?

  3. Love this, Wise Vanessa!!