Thursday, 4 July 2013

Still waters

We are often always on the go. We buy groceries, head to the gym, and go to work.  But what about some recharge time? What if we take some time to lay on the beach, sit back and read a book, call an old friend.  Just sit. Just be. Just recharge. These things don't fit into our idea of the perfect productive day but maybe we should sprinkle our busy days with tiny bouts of rest. If you need to, write "rest" into your to do list. How do you recharge?


  1. I have gotten better about this lately - making sure to have a least one "do nothing" day per week to re-charge.

    1. Oh wow, I don't do that. I have like a half hour do nothing period. Must learn from you!

  2. It's very necessary to take some out for ourselves.
    I've been planning to do my bit at it.