Saturday, 27 July 2013

Healthy chatter

Talk therapy is a wonderful way to heal. For myself, I talk to my psychologist, my loved ones, and at my group therapy sessions. When we have a blockage somewhere in our body we need to talk it through and let the pain flow out into the atmosphere where it is neutralized and taken up as energy into the environment.  Recycle those hurts within yourself. Purge the bad feelings in a safe setting with people you trust.  Maybe you have abnormal cells in your throat that pose the threat of cancer, maybe you have an eating disorder that prevents yourself from getting the nutrients you deserve, perhaps you are suffering from grief or sadness. Talk through the fear, the pain, the frustration. You might actually create deeper relationships by opening up about your health or others might even relate to your story which then creates an intimate bond. Some people even share their inner mental and physical health ponderings using an online blog.  How do you share? Who can you confide in?


  1. Good to see you back. Hope you had a good time, vacationing.

    I have close friends that I call my Balcony People. They were grown, requiring time, attention and care.

    I'm careful with whom I relate with, using discernment. As a result, my relationships provide me with emotional safety, joy and strength.

    I also share my life through my blog. Life is good.

    1. My vacation was so fulfilling, thank you Pablo. I like the way you choose your friendshi8ps, I am learning to do the same so I can receive more joy and less drama.

  2. I've actually used to the blog to do that. It seems to open up avenues of communication through other mediums like emails and even letters.. There are some people I can always talk to about everything and anything, but even knowing that there are some great people off in the distance as a support group is awesome. That's the thing I love most about Blogger, is the support group I think.