Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pressure release

When we feel pressure from the external world, it feels real and it is real, but only because we perceive it to be so. We feel energy telling us that the world wants something from us, as though it demands us to create change against our will. Cleaning the floors late past your bedtime just because you believe the universe expects it of you can cause unnecessary discomfort. Feeling like you need to have children to please your family's need for small people to spoil, is often an opinion created in your own mind without proof. Why we put ourselves through this test is unknown, but in nature, a flower doesn't become stressed because of a perceived thought. It reacts to a squeeze from the elements, a change in physical properties, not a whisper on the breeze. When this pressure builds up, before you recoil into a ball and coat your mind in guilt, ask an external reference if this belief is based in truth. Most of the time, your assumption will be met with confusion followed by a release and then, comfort.


  1. Good seeing you back. Drop by my place sometime soon, and say hi.

    Life is grand. Especially when we can be present. And gentle towards ourselves, true to our values, not motivated by the expectations of others.

    I find all interpretations, conclusions, assumptions are not experienced. They are imagined. Unfortunately our judgments are often a result of our baggage---or baggage placed upon us from others. Most of our conclusions are not based upon reality.

    "Observation without judgment is the highest form of wisdom." Krishmamurti

  2. This is some amazing advice and so so true!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful 2016.
    Hugs to you,