Friday, 7 March 2014

Community Unity

This post is inspired by my late Grandmother, Mrs. Julia Higgins. A strong supporter of community, living on the same block for 89 years and giving selflessly time after time. You are missed…. Like a spider needs a web, or a monkey needs a tree, we need habitat. We need a safe place to move about, connect with our tribe, collect food, and sleep soundly. Humans also have extra needs that the animal world may not ever think about, spirit. We need to ignite our spirit in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Use your community to massage your soul and work away the problems that may be holding you back from true happiness. Think about signing up for a community garden plot, giving your empties to the neighbourhood bottle drive, offering to mind the neighbour's dog while they are away on holidays or simply exchanging smiles with a neighbour while you go to collect your mail. Your home reaches far beyond the four walls of your dwelling and out into the streets and parks and trails of your community. Take a moment to list some ideas for your future community connections. What can you contribute or create? Maybe you have an apple tree with harvest you could share or a backyard fire pit that might be warmer with more bodies around it. I would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Grandmother, Mrs. Julia Higgins knew the secret to a happy life in sharing with others. I drop in for a visit with at least one different elderly person a week there are a lot of lonely people out there and it only takes a few minutes of story sharing and listening to make some one happy and look forward to the next visit. Hug B