Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tree that

Find a tree, any tree to look at today as you go about your many tasks. Reflect on its ability to simply let go in the winter, shedding leaves and sitting dormant, waiting for the warmth of spring to come again. Wonder at its amazing ability to filter the air around us as it breathes out fresh oxygen and locks carbon dioxide into its cells. Imagine how much water is held within its leaves, its trunk, before the sacred liquid is released to the air where it will dance with the clouds. Trees are places we used to climb and rest when we were young. Innocent play turned into wonder and connection and imagination. Our senses ignite when we smell a pine tree after a summer's rain, its perfume kisses the air as we inhale and gradually forget about our stresses and worries. Sound is different among the trees as they soak up the traffic noises like a sponge, letting us tune our frequency in to the birds and the wind through the leaves. At the same time, laughter seems to bounce of its branches inviting us to stay in its presence and let the world float away. Trees are alters to the soul, thank a tree today as you breathe in all its wonder and breathe out your worries of the day.

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