Monday, 3 March 2014

Float your soul

While spending time swimming in water we have witnessed that struggling in the liquid can burn us out and makes it hard to keep our head above water. However, if we choose to relax all our muscles and just be part of the environment, we float. We can bring this practice into our daily lives by choosing to accept what is rather than fight against it. Perhaps you are hoping for cereal but your milk has gone sour? Have some fruit and toast for breakfast instead. Maybe you are travelling and your flight gets cancelled? Take a trip to another city and explore the wonders of a new perspective. Accept the new scenario with an open heart and see what happens. Struggling will keep us in one place but if we can just be a leaf on the water, we just might travel on.


  1. that saying "go with the flow" i never really, truly understood that expression up until recently. like learning to just flow with life, stop resisting it. it's way freakin' easier said than done but i would like to think acknowledgment is where it all spawns from... :)

    1. I feel a story coming on…email me!!