Monday, 4 June 2012

Cloud Gazing

Recall your childhood when you would lay back on the grass and watch clouds move by.  Their shapes would change before our eyes and the sky seemed to be moved along on some sort of air conveyor belt.  If your day has been especially hectic, take a few moments to watch the clouds.  As the shapes sink and rise, expand and contort, imagine all the tasks you have been working through.  Tasks move along and shift and change as time twists reality into a new fold.  Our day may not turn out as we planned, but we can have comfort that each transformation occurred just the way it was supposed to along life's endless skyline.


  1. You know what I've always found interesting about clouds? They are like two clouds are the same...they are each completely unique and different...even from one minute to the next!

    1. I like this observation. This is just like each of us, or one moment in time, they are all unique, but still collected into one sky.