Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lifting the vibration

 The higher the vibration, the more space that exists.  Space to expand, to grow, to be lighter.  Deep within us are spaces that are closed off, locked together, stuck within our being.  Perhaps old feelings of fear, guilt or resistance.  We can lift these dense vibrations up through sound, the sound already within us.  Take some time alone in a safe space. Begin breathing into the places in your body where you may feel stuck.  Breathe into the knots in your shoulders, the pit of your stomach, or a hole in your heart.  As you exhale, slowly begin to allow sound to release.  It may be a sigh, a cry, a scream, a song, or something totally new to you.  What is the sound you are not allowed to make, what deep down is wanting to be heard, to be set free?

Take some time to listen to yourself today.

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