Friday, 15 June 2012

Give a little

Giving gifts is a gift in itself.  The search for the perfect item that might make someone's day is a journey into gratitude.  We feel lucky to have such a special person in our life.  We feel blessed to discover a way to let the recipient know how loved they are. Something as simple as a card takes time to read each message and view each image, trying to find just the perfect match.  The joy and smiles our gift might bring is reflected in our own heart as we contemplate the ideal memento for the situation. Dig around you in your travels today and see if you can discover a treat to make someone's day.

Have you recently presented someone with a gift?  How did it feel?


  1. Yes I did surprise my sister with a candle that she hasd been wanting a couple of weeks ago. She was thrilled and surprised and it made me feel wonderful.

  2. I've just baked myself a summer and shared it with everyone in office... makes me feel sooo good - the knowledge all the skinny people in the office getting fat on MY cake! : ) x

  3. Hello Vanessa,

    Funny that you had this as a topic last Friday as I was gearing up for my son's college graduation on Saturday.

    I gave him several things, but what moved me the most was a heavy gold ring of crushed gold nuggets, he being a Native Son of California. It indicated the significance of him making a significant transition in his life.

    Five hundred years ago, it was a sword and shield, when an esquire transitioned to a knight. In this era, I chose a ring instead, as he became a modern day knight. (More practical, too. :-> )

    He knows the significance and I'm thankful he's cherishing it.

  4. I notice you haven't posted in over a week. I hope you are doing well, you've awakened my curiosity. I lost your e-mail address: I pushed the wrong tabs on my computer. Otherwise, I would have dropped you a note.

    Would it be possible for you to write me? I'd like hearing how you are.

  5. Vanessa, I continue to hope you are doing well. I am a little concerned---I haven't see you post here. Please drop me an e-mail if you can.

    I wish you the best, and you have my prayers.