Sunday, 24 February 2013

Be in body, not in mind

Our body and mind are completely different worlds.  Living in the mind takes us flying into the future or reliving the past when what we really want is to live in the moment.  To feel the beauty of now. Our body is breath, the constant in and out of oxygen and carbon dioxide, filling our blood with life. The mind worries, gets frustrated and becomes easily overwhelmed.  The body continues its perfect rhythm all throughout the day and night. So how do we stay in the body?  Watch your breath.  Feel it filling your belly and slowly releasing.  Feel cool air touch your nose and warm air exit seconds later. Feel the moment, feel now, feel yourself in all your perfection.


  1. I felt a sense of tranquility after reading this post :)

  2. I've recently been thinking about meditation. Breathing is so key. Cheers for this.

  3. Hooray for meditation and calming experiences!